Hi, I’m Dan Alberghetti, and this is Dan’s Courses. I’ve been a teacher of technology for over 17 years and originally created this website as a place to post material for my students but quickly realized that the material was useful to a broad range of people, including those not currently enrolled in my classes. Since then, I’ve worked to turn DansCourses.com into a resource for anyone interested in computer-related topics. I also have a Youtube channel, where I post my screencast tutorials. Much of my material is spread between both this website, where I keep any long-form text content, and Youtube, which is the official source for all my videos, so I encourage to people visit both sites.

My usual tech topics include Cisco CCNA, CCNA Security, Network Security, Windows Server, Linux Fundamentals, Photoshop, Web Animation, and Game Programming for the Web, and I have taught Cisco CCNA certification courses through the Cisco Academy for over 12 years. Recently, however, my longtime business partner, Patrick White, has begun posting here about things in his areas of expertise such as Ruby, Rails, and fundraising technology for nonprofits.

While I’m currently employed by the  Computer Information Systems Department at Central Oregon Community College (http://cocc.edu), I occasionally have some availability for consulting. I’ve done on-site Cisco training for the likes of the US Navy (via the Rensselaer Networking Academy which serves all of New England and New York) and have produced video tutorials for none other than the Cisco Academy itself. If you’d like to work together, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I hope you find the articles on this website useful. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to leave feedback. If you are interested in taking an online course through the college, please contact the Central Oregon Community College in Bend, OR.

Best wishes,

Dan Alberghetti